our history


our heart has always been in helping passionate self-starters showcase their best work on video.

as college sweethearts at Columbia university, we started out wanting to give our NY actor community video content that would show off their talent and skill in a way their blurry, low-res show videos did not. so we rented a couple of cameras, borrowed a space, and gathered them together for a series of performance shoots.

after moving to California and seeing how life-changing the footage had been for them, we decided to make it our mission to continue to help struggling artists truly be seen. we began to realize the need in our community extended to include other self-representing entities such as non-profits, entrepreneurs, college applicants, and local realtors.

our work has become clear: we’re here to help tell the stories of hard-working creatives who are ready for their online presence to match the in-person experience of their work.


who we are



is an experienced director of plays, musicals, and short documentaries, as well as a personal coach for acting and public speaking.


Alex daniels

is an avid photographer and cinematographer, a writer-director of short narrative films, and a multi-media artist.



“Alex and Ashley are so great at seeing what your unique voice is and help you bring it to the camera. They are collaborative, supportive, inspiring, and get you a polished product in a timely fashion.”

-Jonathan Hoover