About Us


Ashley Daniels

I’ve always delighted in two things: storytelling and helping others. My winding, heart-opening career started with acting, which then led me to arts education, then to directing plays and camps, and, in time, to documentary and promotional video. Eventually I attended Columbia University and graduated cum laude with a BA in American History and Sociology. There I met my husband (and co-founder) Alex Daniels; outside of school I coached NYC and remote clients, as well as Columbia Business School students and alumni,  in public speaking and professional development.

Post-graduation Alex and I moved to LA to build Reel Creative Media. It’s where our education, artistry, production experience, and passion for supporting creators converge. My role is to oversee production, and to coach and consult you throughout the process to ensure you’re showcasing your work in its most authentic light!

Alex Daniels, Co-founder

Alex Daniels

I’ve been a visual storyteller from an early age. Drawing and painting nearly led me into animation, until I entered the military and eventually discovered my true passion: filmmaking. To realize this calling, I left the military to attend Columbia University, where I met my wife (and co-founder) Merideth Ashley. I graduated magna cum laude with a BA in the Classics and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, both subjects which expanded my worldview and storytelling horizons as I practiced filmmaking throughout school. To date I've worked various roles on a number of graduate-level films; took writing, directing, and producing classes from highly acclaimed filmmakers; and written and directed a number of my own short films.

My wife has introduced me to the world of theatre and creative business collaboration. My role as the cinematographer is to take charge of the lighting, shooting, and sound elements of production, and to oversee the entire post-production editing process in order to ensure you get the impactful product you deserve!