videos for PERFORMing artists actually showcasing you in your best light! 

Each Reel Artist shoot is customized to meet your needs.


Jayme Lake: "Somebody to Love"

The amount of comfort and ease you feel when working with this company makes being in front of that camera so helpful and knowing the finished product will be unique and exactly what you want is priceless.
— Jayme Lake, NYC-based actor


How  Does It Work?


You reserve a spot, we consult with you on your overall objectives, choice of material, and on-camera look. 


We shoot in a private theater or dance space, allowing ample time to capture you in your best light.


We edit together a multi-angle, color- and sound-corrected piece that professionally showcases your work.


Did you know that online job platforms move profiles with video content to the top of search results?


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Reel Artist: Annie Iantuono (2018)

Jonathan Hoover: Sizzle Reel (2015)

   Jayme Lake: “If I Didn’t Believe in You” (2016)

Gillian Bozajian: "When Did I Fall in Love" (2019)

     Katherine McLaughlin: "No One Else" (2016)

         Natalie Wachen: “If I Were a Bell” (2016)

         Cat Yates: "No Man Left for Me" (2016)


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